Breakfast @ Denny’s / Branford + DJ Premier

septiembre 30, 07

If you know not what this is, it is the brainchild of DJ Premier & Branford Marsalis.

Thanks,  weapons of mass distraction

Buckshot LefonqueBreakfast @ Denny’s (Produced by DJ Premier) (more goodies)

Breakfast @ Denny’s « weapons of mass distraction

Comentario de Ebay:

For Branford Marsalis the challenge was not to bring jazz into hip hop–that’s already been done. No, the challenge was to bring hip hop (among other forms) into jazz, to import the techniques, the poetry, the sounds and samples, and yet retain jazz’s sense of swing; to create a music that did justice to both art forms, without patronizing either which, above all, emphasized the charm and grace of the songs.Employing the same pseudonym that Cannonball Adderley had used some 30 years earlier, Buckshot LeFonque is Branford Marsalis’ attempt to fuse jazz, hip hop and other popular forms into a coherent style. Perhaps fuse is the wrong word; maybe we should say re-fuse or reconnect; as in acknowledging the common roots all American music shares, going back many generations.From the opening mood of “Buckshot Intro,” with its smooth groove and funky turntable spinning, Marsalis’ co-conspirator DJ Premier manages to ingratiate his programmed sources and samples smoothly into Branford’s live aesthetic. On “Some S*** At 78 BPM” they bring samples of Ellington’s “Anatomy Of A Murder” soundtrack to play inside a sardonic sound collage. The album’s centerpiece, “Breakfast At Denny’s” employs a similar approach over a riff with strong overtones of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Salt Peanuts,” as Branford’s tenor leaps out of Earth’s orbit.

A mí me suena más a Lonnie’s Lament y Trinkle Winkle, pero…

El video está dirigido por Spike Lee (el director de Mo’ & Better Blues, en donde Branford y DJ Premier realizaron su primera colaboración en Jazz Thing) sobre un conocido episodio de discriminación racial ocurrido en un restaurante, pocos años antes de la edición del disco Buckshot LeFonque en 1994.

Uno de estos días dejo unas líneas sobre todo lo que me disparó esto.


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